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Manage IT

Managed IT Services provided by The Nashville IT Group

No two businesses are the same. The Nashville IT Group will customize a solution to fit your specific needs.

Why Managed Backups?

Regular backups of critical data and systems is a critical and often overlooked part of network and systems administration.

The Nashville IT Group offers managed backups and monitoring service that will give you the capability to restore data and systems in the event of a catastrophe. The backup service includes an onsite appliance as well as offsite cloud-based storage. Our monitoring solution also will alert both us and the client’s designated point of contact if there is an issue with a backup.

What is RMM and why does my business need it?

 RMM or Remote Management and Monitoring is a small piece of software that monitors different things like systems resources on your servers and computers, the system will alert The Nashville IT Group when a condition is triggered, for example when you have reached 90% usage of your hard drive storage or system memory. It will also alert us in the event of system failure, a possible virus or malware infection, etc.

We can configure monitors on a number of different things like workstations, Servers, etc. Monitoring solutions such as the RMM tools used by The Nashville IT Group help businesses of all sizes move from a reactive technology model to a more proactive business model, helping to manage IT costs by alerting us to possible issues that can be addressed before they cause an outage.

Managed Antivirus?

There are numerous benefits of managed antivirus solutions;

1. All systems will have the same level of security

2. It is easier to manage

3. The solutions can be low-cost

4. Management is continual

5. Your systems are truly protected

Our baseline monitoring solution comes with Webroot managed antivirus. All our solutions are customized to the client’s particular needs

Cloud Services

The Nashville IT Group offers fully managed cloud-based email solutions from both Microsoft and Google, providing your company with numerous benefits such as increased uptime, scalability, security. Having your email hosted offsite also increases your disaster recovery posture.

All hosted email plans from The Nashville IT Group include full cloud-based backup solutions tailored for your company. Microsoft and Google both strongly suggest companies use a 3rd party dedicated backup solution for their hosted email solutions.

The Nashville IT Group has partnered with several vendors to be able to offer cost-effective solutions that provide a much more streamlined recovery process than available through either Microsoft or Google

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